Becoming a True Spin Doctor: Online DJ Courses

The art of DJing has evolved considerably since its inception. From musical novices armed with low-tech turntables and an arsenal of popular vinyl records, to world-renowned musicians using a variety of digital devices to achieve unique sounds, the world of the DJ has become an increasingly complex landscape, tricky to navigate alone.

The Birth Of The Modern DJ

Historically, DJs (disc jockeys) didn’t require formal training to execute great sets – they relied on their own knowledge of contemporary songs and the use of multiple turntables to produce continuous streams of music without any awkward silences that would bring a dancefloor to a screeching halt. As musicians and producers began to explore the incorporation of electronic elements into popular music, DJs too began to require specialized equipment allow them not only to dazzle live audiences but also allow them to creatively manipulate prerecorded tracks. The sound manipulation and the overlaying of complementary tracks required a unique skillset, and was considered music composition rather than just playing records. It was pioneering DJs – Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc, and Grand Wizard Theodore – that helped to launch hip-hop, an entirely new music style.

Why Take An Online DJ Course?

Our online DJ courses are designed to help beginner DJs achieve greater complexity and versatility in their sets. From classic vinyl beat matching, to producing digitally created and enhanced effects, MI Online can help you take your DJ skills to the next level. Here are some of the fundamental principles that will be addressed throughout the 10-week course.

  • The birth of the modern DJ. Instructor DJ Charlie Sputnik, respected DJ and industry mainstay, will provide historic context to contemporary DJing.
  • The principle types of equipment. With the abundance of technical and digital tools at a DJ’s disposal, it is crucially important to learn what is essential and what is superfluous for your needs, style, and goals. The course will provide detailed insight into the range of setups available.
  • The essentials of beatmatching. While there are beatmatching software programs, the ability to execute analog beatmatching is a skill no serious DJ should be without. From properly queueing tracks, to mastering split hearing both on a vinyl turntable and a CDJ, DJ Charlie Sputnik will share tips and techniques that will help you deliver clean, seamless transitions.
  • The art of crate digging. DJs need to keep their antennae out for unique tracks, whether from contemporary artists, old commercial jingles, or largely forgotten musicians. It is vital to know how to pinpoint the best physical and online resources for musical diamonds, and the best strategies for streamlining collections.
  • Promotion, networking, and management. The online DJ courses provide insight into successfully booking a wide variety of gigs while making important, career-building contacts. There is also emphasis on the business side of DJing, including licensing, insurance, contracts, and permits.

At Musicians Institute Online, we help aspiring DJs hone their natural and acquired skills through comprehensive online instruction. Visit our online DJ courses page to sample our free lessons.


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