Become an artist, fuel your love of music, and learn how to develop your DJ skills with our online DJ course for beginners, written by celebrated DJ and industry veteran, Charlie Sputnik.

Time Commitment: 10 weeks, 3-4 hours/week
Price: $399
Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Language: English
Next Start Date: Monday October 2, 2017


  • Learn the history of modern DJing
  • Understand the main types of DJ setups used today, their advantages and their drawbacks
  • Learn how to beatmatch seamlessly using vinyl turntables and CDJs
  • Understand the powerful features of the Serato DJ platform
  • Learn to prepare a DJ set and record your own DJ mixes
  • Learn to do physical and online “crate digging”
  • How to use effects, samples, loops, and cue points during DJ sets
  • Understand how to promote yourself and obtain DJing gigs and other engagements
  • Learn the business side of DJing (how to create DJ riders, remixes, contracts, insurance, etc.)

This course is designed for highly motivated beginner DJs. You will be taught new (and master existing) skills that require practice and precision, such as vinyl beat-matching. You must love music and enjoy researching and discovering new tracks.

You will be challenged to constantly improve the flow, pace, and quality of your DJ sets. Versatility is key as you develop your expertise in various music styles in order to become a well-rounded performer, ready to face any DJ opportunity.

  • A computer (PC/Mac) with at least 4GB RAM.
  • We recommend that you connect to an Internet Line with an average speed of 10Mbps or better, and to use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi
  • The ability to make basic recordings of yourself. Recommended recording software includes Audacity, GarageBand, Logic, ProTools, etc.
  • The ability to connect with the instructor via video chat applications
  • A vinyl turntable setup, a CDJ/XDJ setup, or a Serato DJ setup (DJ controllers or vinyl control)
  • We recommend using Chrome or Safari internet browsers on iOS, MacOS, Windows or Android
  • Full access to install software on the computer you are using

Recommended DJ Equipment

DJ Controllers:

  • High end: Pioneer DDJ-SZ, Pioneer DDJ-SX2, Numark NS7III
  • Mid range: Pioneer DDJ-SR, Numark NVII, Reloop Terminal Mix 8
  • Entry-level: Pioneer DDJ-SB2, Numark Mixtrack Platinum, Pioneer DDJ-WeGo3, Reloop BEATMIX 4

Media/CD Decks:

  • High end: Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2, XDJ-1000 MK2
  • Mid range: Pioneer CDJ-900 NXS, Gemini MDJ-1000
  • Entry-level: Pioneer XDJ-700, Gemini CDJ-300

Vinyl turntables:

  • High end: Reloop RP-8000, Denon VL12, Pioneer PLX-1000, Stanton ST-150
  • Mid range: Roland TT-99, Audio-Technica LP120, Numark TT-250USB, Reloop RP-2000M
  • Entry-level: Numark T.62B

DJ Mixers:

  • High end: Rane MP 2015, Pioneer DJM-900 NXS2, Allen & Heath XONE DB4
  • Mid range: Allen & Heath XONE DB2, Pioneer DJM-750, Reloop RMX-60
  • Entry-level: Pioneer DJM-350, Allen & Heath XONE 23C, Gemini MM1

How do I try a free lesson?

Go to the course page you’re interested in and click on the “Try a free lesson” button to sign up.

How do I enroll in a course?

No need to apply. Simply click “Enroll” on our course pages and create your MI Online profile. Once your payment is complete, consider yourself enrolled! All that’s left to do is put a reminder in your calendar of the course start date. We’ll email you a course date reminder and important info to get you started.

Do you offer courses in other languages?

Not yet but we’re working on it – stay tuned!

Can I take the course using my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes! You should, however, be aware that the Live Lecture chat box feature is not available for mobile devices. You can watch and hear your instructor but you won’t be able to ask him questions.

How many students are there in each course?

We have a maximum of 20 students per class for each of our courses. Our small class sizes helps create a collaborative, intimate space so that you’ll get the most out of your learning experience with your instructor and classmates.

How do MI Online courses work?

All our courses are 10 weeks. Each week you’ll watch pre-recorded video lessons. You’ll also receive an assignment, which is due before your scheduled Live Lecture with your Instructor. Your Live Lectures are your virtual classrooms and your opportunity to engage with, and learn directly from, your Course Instructor.

How long is the course accessible for?

You can access your course material for up to 6 months after your course ends.

What happens if I miss a Live Lecture?

We understand that our students come from all over the world and learn on different time zones. All our lectures are available for replay 48 to 72 hours after the schedule Live Lecture, so you can view any lectures you missed.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We support payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

Can I pay for the course using a Payment Plan?

Yes, you can purchase all our courses in three monthly installments using your credit card.



DJing has undergone a revolution over the last 40 years, from analog DJing on turntables and scratching with vinyl, to groundbreaking digital DJing techniques using laptops, controllers, and DJ decks.

MI Online’s “Intro to DJing” course by Musicians Institute’s DJ guru, Charles Chemery, aims to demystify the world of DJing, giving aspiring DJs a comprehensive overview of today’s cutting-edge professional DJing techniques. Each lesson is designed to be highly engaging for beginner DJs eager to learn new skills and master their craft as artists.


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