Meet MI Online’s backstage crew

Donny Gruendler  

President at Musicians Institute
Fun Fact: Donny prefers Red Vines to all other forms of food.

Ariella Raucher  

Director of MI Online
Fun Fact: Ariella’s scared of heights but bungee-jumped the world’s highest (South Africa) and fourth highest (Nepal) bridge jumps.

Danielle Sassman  

Manager of Operations, MI Online
Fun Fact: Danielle has an eidetic (photographic) memory.

Charles Chemery  

Program Chair of Independent Artist Program and DJ Performance and Production Program. Course author of Intro to DJing, MI Online.
Fun Fact: Charles once interpreted French and English on live television for Geronimo’s great grandson, Harlyn Geronimo, in France and in Switzerland.

Stig Mathisen  

Program Chair of Guitar Performance, Musicians Institute. Co-author of Scott Henderson’s Approach to Guitar Improvisation course, MI Online.
Fun Fact: Stig has climbed into the King’s Chamber deep inside the Great pyramid in Cairo, Egypt.

Ron Dziubla  

Program Chair of Common Course Department, Musicians Institute. Co-Author of the Harmony and Theory and Ear Training courses, MI Online.
Fun Fact: Ron likes to make soup when he’s not playing the saxophone.

Stewart Jean  

Instructional Design Specialist, MI Online. Program Chair of Drums, Musicians Institute.
Fun Fact: Stewart is left-handed, but plays the drums right-handed.

Marc Prado  

LMS Administrator/Instructional Designer, Musicians Institute and MI Online.
Fun Fact: Marc is afraid of heights, but has climbed Yosemite’s Half Dome three times.

Stacie Dowthwaite  

Director of Marketing, Musicians Institute.
Fun Fact: Stacie loves to sing, but thinks she has a terrible voice.

Jesse Akins

Enrollment, Support and Technology Coordinator, MI Online
Fun Fact: Jesse lists The 5th Element as the best Science-Fiction film of all time—Yes, even over Star Wars.

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