Meet MI Online’s backstage crew

Danielle Sassman  

Director of MI Online
Fun Fact: Danielle has an eidetic (photographic) memory.

Rachel Yoon, PhD  

Chief Academic Officer (CAO) at Musicians Institute
Fun Fact: Rachel enjoys spending her free time golfing or at musical theatre performances.

Jonathan Newkirk  

Dean of Industry Studies at Musicians Institute
Fun Fact: Jonathan majored in Geology during his undergrad and once spent a summer in Wyoming doing geological research.

Ron Dziubla  

Associate Dean of Performance Studies at Musicians Institute.
Fun Fact: Ron likes to make soup when he’s not playing the saxophone.

Stacie Dowthwaite  

Director of Marketing, Musicians Institute.
Fun Fact: Stacie loves to sing, but thinks she has a terrible voice.

Marc Prado  

LMS Administrator/Instructional Designer, Musicians Institute and MI Online.
Fun Fact: Marc is afraid of heights, but has climbed Yosemite’s Half Dome three times.

Jesse Akins

Enrollment, Support and Technology Coordinator, MI Online
Fun Fact: Jesse lists The 5th Element as the best Science-Fiction film of all time—Yes, even over Star Wars.

Charles Chemery  

Program Chair of Independent Artist Program and DJ Performance and Production Program. Course author of Intro to DJing, MI Online.
Fun Fact: Charles once interpreted French and English on live television for Geronimo’s great grandson, Harlyn Geronimo, in France and in Switzerland.

Stig Mathisen, PhD  

Program Chair of Guitar Performance, Musicians Institute. Co-author of Scott Henderson’s Approach to Guitar Improvisation course, MI Online.
Fun Fact: Stig has climbed into the King’s Chamber deep inside the Great pyramid in Cairo, Egypt.

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