Musicians should teach — and learn from — other musicians in a creative, collaborative, and supportive environment.  


MI Online (MIO) is the online content provider of Musicians Institute, Inc.

Founded in the heart of Hollywood in 1977, Musicians Institute (MI) is a College of Contemporary Music built on the idea that musicians should teach —and learn from— other musicians in a creative, collaborative, and supportive environment. With this rich history of music education, MI Online is the Web-enabled extension of these core philosophies, offering access to MI’s acclaimed curriculum and supportive, interactive course content to anyone —anywhere in the world. Every MI Online course is taught by the college’s world-class faculty of accomplished musicians. You will be personally guided through live, highly interactive video lectures inside our small, collaborative classrooms. Altogether, MI Online provides real-world, artist-driven, personalized, and authentic learning opportunities to those who are committed to improving their craft and pursuing a meaningful life in music.

For nearly 40 years, MI has proudly welcomed new musicians and creative entrepreneurs into our community, and we are excited for you to be part of this longstanding tradition. As a member of the MI Online collective, you will join a dynamic worldwide community that fosters endless opportunities. Come join us!


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Become a complete musician with courses designed for your career path.

All Skills Levels

All Skill Levels

Find the best courses for your musical skill set, talent, and goals.

Learn from Anywhere

Learn from Anywhere

From laptop to mobile, at home or abroad, the world is your classroom.

Legendary Instructors

Legendary Instructors

Get personalized training from Musicians Institute’s world-class, award-winning faculty.

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Through live lectures and virtual classrooms, MI Online provides real-world, artist-driven, and authentic learning opportunities available to anyone—from anywhere.

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